Call me “Granny”

I went shopping for one of these yesterday. I am officially an old women.

Oh, they’re all so stylish.

The word among recovering open heart surgery patients is that a recliner/lift-chair comes in handy during the first couple weeks post-op. My operation requires a full sternotomy (i.e., my surgeon will bisect my ribcage, straight down the middle of my chest, and crack it open!) which means that my sternum will need to heal before I can have full use of my upper body. This translates to minimizing any activity that opens my chest, including using my arms to lift or shift things around and sleeping on my back. That’s where the recliner comes in. In a sitting position, my chest is naturally more closed than open and the chair can be adjusted to a sleeping position with the touch of a button. Similarly, with another touch of a button, the chair can help me stand up with minimal core (and chest) muscle action. E voila!

You should have seen me testing them out in the medical supply store in Chelsea. As you can imagine, they change position quite gradually so as not to jostle the patient. I felt like a slow motion circus attraction.

Anyway, here’s the winner!

I should totally decorate it as a throne so I can feel like the Queen of Hearts, right?



  1. SusanKrys

    She’s a beaut! When this is all over, do you think you put wings on her and send her off into space?

  2. Mom

    Hey, my impression is that once you sit in one and watch “An Affair to Remember” you never want to get out again.

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