Heart of summer surgery send-off

I had my surgery send-off “party” on Sunday and it was a blast. Sat in the shade on a sunny day on a pier/boat/bar surrounded by some of the best people in this city. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Here is an excessive amount of pictures of me with each of the awesome people who came out. They even indulged me and wore the bejeweled stick on hearts I bought. What’s not to love?!

World Science Festival in the house!

Two of the most generous people I know.

Yay for cousins!

Self-portrait of the photographer.

Yes, we are tall and we like it.

Tweet this!

Our 20 year anniversary.

Frontiers of Science is where I want to be.

The two coolest people on the planet.

Eastern Standard Tribe represent.



  1. Mom

    I notice it was light and then it was dark. This must have been a heck of a long party!

  2. kerstinu

    So glad it was a great send off, wish I could have been there, glad the Tribe was represented! 🙂

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