Hospital Update #1: Perfect!

Summer went into surgery about 7:45am this morning and was out at 1:15pm. The area where people are prepped for surgery was crazy loud, which was a bit distracting and therefore good. The anesthesiologist came by, and Summer’s surgeon, Dr. Allan Stewart,  called her on the phone for a brief discussion. About 12:15pm, when Dr. Stewart finished his key part of the operation, he sought out Mom to give her back Summer’s iPhone camera. The surgeons had used her camera in the OR to take pictures of her open chest, heart, the bad aorta, and the general course of the operation. We’ll sure she’ll post one or two. Her surgeon said “Perfect”. So far, no untoward developments. We expect Summer to come out of the ICU by tomorrow (Thursday) noon, but maybe even have some tubes removed as early as tonight or first thing in the morning. That is a huge moment.
Mom and Summer’s Aunt Anne

The last thing I saw before waking up in the ICU.



  1. Charlotte Bruce

    Wonderful news! We wish Summer a careful, speedy recovery!

  2. afamiglietti


  3. Rose

    Fantastic news! Thank you so much for the update!

  4. Maggie


  5. Carter Walker

    Team Dragon Heart – Adirondack Chapter is cheering thru the pines!!

  6. Awesomesauce!! Thank you for the update. Wishing Summer a speedy recovery.

  7. Ellen

    Wonderful! Thank you for the update.

  8. Laura

    Thank you so much for posting the news. Leave it to Summer get pictures of her own heart surgery! And let us know if we can do anything, obviously.

  9. Steph

    She is a real trooper!!! Such a relief to read everything went well. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!! Well done Mum and family for all your courage and support. A real inspiration. Lots of love and looking forward to hearing Summer’s voice again soon xxxxx

  10. ralph

    This is amazing news, thank you for the update. Thinking of you ALL DAY Summer! Hugs to you and your family. I love that the surgeons used your iPhone for pics, btw. Very Summer. 😉


  11. Tricia McKinney

    Hooray! Your surgeon sounds awesome. I’m not sure I want to see those pics, though! Maybe if you make them into t-shirts.

  12. Barbara Yount

    GREAT NEWS!!! Thank you for letting us know..Aunt B

  13. Cheri

    Hurray, Summer!

  14. kerstinu

    ❤ 😀 So happy!

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