Hospital Update #2: Recovery starts

7:00pm Wed eve.

The respiration tubes were removed from Summer’s throat around 5pm, so she only had them for about 7 hours, which was good. There were indications that she was breathing better on her on own than with the tubes. She is having difficulty getting comfortable, but otherwise she is doing as well as expected. She has pain medication and she’s talking a bit, although she warned she might fall asleep in mid sentence. It is always good, please note, to have someone with you in an ICU. The smallest changes or requests or needs can take long long minutes to be met. Someone will be with her all night tonight (Mom probably), and tomorrow she will practice sitting up, possibly standing and walking a few steps. She will also begin working with the spirometer to keep her lungs strong and inflated.



  1. Rose

    So glad to hear Summer seems to be easing into her recovery well so far. What you said about needing an advocate in ICU is very true. We experienced the same thing when my mother had surgery some time ago. Sending positive thoughts!

  2. Marty

    Pls give Summer all my love and a kiss on the forehead. Mom is the best medicine in the world. I love you both, Summer and Adrienne!

  3. Jill Whisler

    Our thoughts and prayers to start th.come speedy recovery!! So glad this part is O V E R!

  4. Peg crockett

    Congrats Summer! Glad it has gone so well. You are young and strong so look forward to a quick recovery for you.

  5. kerstinu

    So glad she has family there to watch over her. We are all thinking of her and rooting for her recovery to continue to go smoothly from near and far! ❤

  6. Michelle Gill

    So glad to hear things are going well. Will try to stop by today. Sending love!

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