Hospital Update #3: Rough night…

Summer had a very difficult night. Pain control was the whole story. Although she was started on a PCA (patient controlled analgesic pump), which seemed to sort of work, the next decision was to put her on percocet so that she wouldn’t have to push the PCA button and could sleep. This didn’t work, then another percocet, then oxycondone (which kept her awake), then they took away the PCA, then pain climbing again, then a lidocaine patch. She wanted to tell you all that ICU nurses are not warm and fuzzy, not much “caring” the way we think of nurses in our childhood books. They would not allow Mom to stay with her all night, so she was alone and no one came around, except after long intervals, to check on her. She was miserable and in pain. All of our nerves are shot. Mom was allowed to return at 4 a.m. The cardiologist came by and said she was doing very well, which of course means nothing when you are in pain. He recognized that and ordered her put back on morphine and the PCA. He was in at 6:35. It is now 8:00 and we’re still waiting. We sure hope to get out of the ICU today. Other than continuing pain issues, she is relatively alert. The motto of this medical center is: “We put patients first”. We’re not sure what that means exactly. If we sound grumpy, we are.


  1. Steph

    Not good. Hope she feels better soon and that they will get a grip! We’re all behind you xxx

  2. kerstinu

    I hate, HATE this kind of thing at hospitals… dealt with this when my ex had a kidney stone, If it wasn’t a “danger” issue they seemed not to be in a rush, regardless of the extreme pain he was in. 😦 I hate that I am in FL right now and can’t come spell you all or do something… but I am thinking about all of you, especially Summer. ❤

  3. Barbara Yount

    Summer and Mom and Anne—thinking good thoughts and sending you peace and a pain-and-anxiety-free day. Love, Aunt B

  4. Laura Fulton

    I am so sorry you have to go through this Summer! I am thinking about you and your mom and Auntie, and hope you get some relief!! Love, Laura

  5. I’m so glad to hear that she came through surgery well, but am distressed about the pain. I also received poor post-op pain management care after my c-section 6 years ago to the day, was not allowed to have my partner with me overnight and couldn’t get nurses to respond–it was horrible. I can’t imagine how much worse it would be after open heart surgery. I’m hoping for a better day with less pain and more compassionate care today. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  6. Maggie

    I vote your aunt goes on a tirade against the nurses, distracting them while your mom steals the good stuff. If nothing else, it would be fun to plan…Mom could practice her lockpicking skills and somersaulting behind counters while no one is looking.

  7. Ellen

    Thinking of you all and hoping that Summer is having better pain management by this afternoon. Summer could not have a better hospital advocate than her Mama Bear. Guessing Aunt Anne has equivalent super powers. Hang in there and know that reinforcements are available (just need to factor in travel).

  8. Rose

    I am so sorry to hear about this. Hoping the situation gets resolved ASAP. Having a tireless advocate makes all the difference. One possibility might be reaching out to the hospital’s chaplain. I seemed to remember there was a Patients’ Advocate office at the hospital where they mother stayed — hopefully there is a clear place to take these concerns and get them dealt with.

  9. Laura

    Seconding Ellen — if you need someone to come in today or tonight or Friday morning, let us know.

  10. Adrienne W

    Summer, we are thinking of you all the time and wishing you relief. We all wish we could be there to squeeze your hand and tell you how brave we think you are. Sending you lots of love.

  11. Angela

    I’m definitely thinking of you, Summer, and hope all the meds do their work. Hope you recover quickly. Sending you a big hug from CA.

  12. Win

    Thinking of you a lot, Summer. If there’s anything I can do, please reach out. xow

  13. Alex

    We in Dallas are thinking positive thoughts and praying for your swift recovery.

  14. Charlotte

    Terry and I hope pain management is resolved by now and that Summer is out of ICU and feeling less discomfort. Sounds like Mom and Aunt Anne need fortification via patient advocates–maybe a flash mob in the lobby:). Hang in there!
    Do you have a hospital address for cards for Summer?

  15. Jill Whisler

    This is for both Summer and her Mom……….as you deal with hospital staff, request what you need…..and don’t be put off by excuses. You are the “customer”. Don’t hesitate for a second to ask for a “charge” person. If something is still not getting resolved, seek the next person higher up in the chain. Hopefully they will work quickly to get Summer’s pain under control. It is a requirement that all hospitals HAVE to meet. Tomorrow will be better. Hang in there. Prayers coming your way.

  16. Oh how well I remember this… glad this is in your past!

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