Hospital Update #4: A long day, and improvement

Finally the pain has been tackled with Dilaudid and Summer has achieved a more comfortable situation, having brought the pain under control. Today our nurse was LaToya and what a great lovely character she was. Always a smile, always concern, quick with a very clear explanation of different things. She and Summer hit it off and  the day went by with some calm and contentment. Today was the first physical therapy, as Summer was made to sit up, climb out of bed and into a chair, where she sat upright for a few minutes before climbing back in. There were some leg exercises as well, as well as her spirometer breath measuring assignment to keep her lungs clear. It went well. At 4:45 this afternoon, her surgeon Dr. Stewart came by to check on her and chat. He was dressed quite snazzily, obviously headed somewhere important. But he stayed by the bedside for a few minutes with words of encouragement.  He asked if she could remember star names. Tonight she is quite tired. We had a round of concern about her blood pressure, which seems solved. Perhaps tomorrow she will be moved out of the ICU and into the in-between place, called the stepdown room. From there one graduates to a regular hospital room, and then home. We look forward to a better day tomorrow and home sooner rather than later. Thank all of you for your support and e-mails and cards and wishes.

LaToya was my ICU savior.



  1. Michelle Gill

    Stopped by to see you early this evening, Summer, because I was told you’d been moved out of the ICU. But it was not so! You were sleeping and no one was around. I figured it was best for you to rest, so I left a card. I’ll stop again soon. Sending lots of love.

  2. Charlotte

    Whew! Glad the pain management is working better. Sounds like you are doing a good job, Summer, with the hard but necessary work of recovery via your physical therapy assignments. It all sounds like amazing choreography to get you back to your normal self quickly. You all take care of yourselves and get good sleep tonight!

  3. These updates are excellent! Great to follow Summer’s progress. I am glad it is going well! So, please keep these entries coming. Thanks a lot!

  4. And what are the names of those stars? Brad Pitt . . . ? Keep up the good work, Summer, and love to your devoted mum.

  5. Kim cook

    Oh my! What a rough 24 hours! So glad she is resting now…hopefully you can get some rest now too! Love and prayers being sent your way 🙂

  6. Lauren

    The Albrechts on the west coast are sending lots of love and well wishes. We wrap eight arms around Summer and her amazing team of caregivers. Thank you for stepping in and being there to help her through this. You are all angels. xoxo Lauren, Michael, Alexander, & Maggie Albrecht

  7. Heather

    Demeanor really does make all the difference, doesn’t it?? So glad someone finally has a bedside manner. Sheesh.
    Hope it’s all uphill from here Summer!!!! Big bionic hugs, and a dose of Heathers snarkiness for good measure. 🙂

  8. Glad to hear of steps in the right direction. Go Summer!

  9. Penny Saffer

    No longer the defective heart gal – hooray! Constants thoughts and prayers and love for you and your Ma. XXX Penny

  10. So glad things are getting better and Summer is up. Getting a great nurse can make your day. Attitude is everything during recovery and a nurse can make things brighten. And spirometry was the thing I did not look forward to after my surgeries. Even if it was necessary. Still thinking about you Summer!

  11. Greta

    Hooray for pain meds! Very happy to hear that things are improving and Summer is feeling more comfortable. Will keep my fingers crossed that these next steps progress quickly and you all can be out of the hospital relatively soon.

  12. Nancy

    I am so glad that the pain meds are working and that I read this and the previous entry back to back. I was getting really angry about the situation before they actually got Summer comfortable! But I’ve calmed down after reading this one. I am sending you huge waves of good thoughts, Summer! Just picture those beautiful galaxies that you showed me, dream and rest. Love you much.

    And Brady says, “Summer has big owie! I miss you!”

  13. Laura

    What a relief to hear that Summer’s got good pain meds and good nursing, to go along with great family and so much grit. Here’s wishing you all small victories, small joys and lots of confidence.

  14. Katy Mathias

    Thinking of you, Summer, and sending good vibes for your recovery. And three cheers for the support team! Best wishes, Katy (Maggie’s sister)

  15. Jason Ash

    Continue sending the great news and we will keep sending the positive energy!!!

  16. Waltraud and Horst, Germany

    We are happy to know you are on a good way. All the best for your future.

  17. alison

    Thinking of you, Summer. I’m so glad to hear the pain is being better controlled. Keep truckin! xoxo

  18. Cheri

    Healing wishes headed your way, Summer.

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