Hospital Update #5: The Kick-ass Lap

“Am I just making shit up?” That’s Summer’s sentence. Twice today she has given us a sentence that had no basis in current time or space. Then she has paused and said….”I’m making shit up, aren’t I?” This is the result of pain relief and other medications.

Accomplishments today: sponge bath (yea!!). The above-mentioned kick-ass (150 feet) around the ICU on her feet was something to see and gave her a lot of confidence. This afternoon, two major lines were removed from her, allowing her more freedom of movement. She has now moved to the step-down unit, in preparation for getting the green light to leave the hospital. In the course of the last two days, she discovered that fruit is the main thing that she wants to eat, certainly not any of the hospital food. Despite the pouring rain and incredible distance from the hospital, Mom jumped on the A train and went from 168th down to 59th and got her a Jamba Juice (Bananaberry) which has gone down well. Otherwise there is not much eating going on.

Summer is sleeping as best she can in her new room, which is noisier and more crowded, providing an incentive to work toward an exit. Both her cardiologist and her surgeon visit daily.


Embarking on said kick-ass lap. Please disregard ICU hair. 😉




  1. Felicia

    I loved reading this post! Keep kicking ass!!

  2. Adrienne W

    Hooray!!! Go, Summer!

  3. alison

    You have the best mom!

  4. louise

    Summer, Oskar, Malkolm , Max and I are following you through your fab blog, sending you lots of love and swedish summer (which has been mostly rain, but today we finally see some sun!)” here comes
    the Sun”

  5. Just logged into my fb account after a longer break and found your blog. Get well soon!

    All the best,


  6. Marna

    Yay Summer! Sounds like you are doing great. A whole lap already – you are a rock star! And what an amazing mom you have. Thank you for keeping us up to date on Summer’s progress. Keep up the great work, Summer – you’ll be outta there in no time!

  7. Meredith

    Great to hear about and read the progress…sounds like things are on the right track towards heading home to a more comfortable place to heal. Keep it up!

  8. Laura

    The long slog, kick-ass lap, you’re getting there, all of you.

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