Hospital Update #6: One foot in front of the other

Saturday began with a 5:30am wake-up visit from Joe, the night shift nurse. It’s never too early to begin your day in the hospital. By 5:45am Summer was upright in a chair next to her bed, and expected to stay there for quite a while. The Physical Therapist began working with her this morning, and she put another 300 feet onto her weary body, but that was twice the previous day’s distance, getting up toward a total of 1/12 of mile. A long journey begins with a single step, they say. This is a good start. They walked down an outside corridor, which means one side of the hall had rooms with windows facing the Hudson River. She and the PT rested briefly in an area at the end of the corridor which has a sweeping view of the river and the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan to Ft. Lee New Jersey. This afternoon the massage therapist was a real surprise and a joy. We are totally hooked on the massage idea, after this individual gently worked out the muscle stress in Summer’s back, neck and shoulders, where so much tension accumulates. After discharge we will avail ourselves of her services at the apartment (with apologies to Max and Linda, who also both give excellent massages).

All lines have now been removed but 3. Summer is no longer making shit up, as she has been taken off the heavier pain killer and moved to something kinder. We have also learned that nurses practice many variations on the way to get a patient in and out of bed; some are carefully and slowly and kindly done, others are procedural and hurried and don’t take into account an individual patient’s situation. We gravitate to and prefer the former. A bad transfer occasions pain and stress increases.

Summer thinks she will be in a position to continue these reports herself beginning Monday, so everyone will have a direct narrative to read, with personal commentary. You may look forward to that….

Practice run for being able to recover, take meds, and blog all at once. It lasted for all of one minute.



  1. Kate

    Was reporting to the children and jack said “that sounds really owwee.”. Couldn’t have said it better. Hang in there.

    Loads of love,

  2. Lee Lee

    Dear Summer,
    Hang in there baby!! You are so strong and courageous! Thinking of you constantly.
    Love, Lee Lee, Chris, Julia and Robbie oxoxox

  3. E

    Glad to hear my favorite scientist is no longer making shit up 🙂 Can’t wait for the blog posts and tweets!

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