Hospital Update #7: Little Miss Cranky

Today was a mixed day. Summer did her part, but the various physicians (3) who visited (separately) seemed to have different information, different ideas and different criteria for discharge. Two of them were fairly indifferent. It took all of Summer’s energy to sort out their various positions and get them, at least partially, on the same page. Very frustrating, very irritating. There seems to be no written care plan for her to work from, like a checklist, just some generalities. She pointed out that she really needed a daily set of goals,  a list of all individuals involved in her care, who would be coming to visit and when, definitive criteria for discharge to work towards, and, most importantly, who is in charge of her case. Instead, we got a jumble of people coming and going and none of them seemed ever to consult with the others. So many of the one-off people that come in the room just assume she will either happily play along or can be placated with short, vague, authoritative answers. Not true for Summer! If she felt well enough, she would literally whip them into shape. We went back and forth over the same topics over and over. Probably 12-14 separate activities are performed on her, even if she is asleep and has to be wakened. No surprise to those of you who have been in hospitals.  Every medical person tells us she will feel so much better when she gets out of this unit, but no one is facilitating this end. Clearly the limits of recovery here have been reached. One cannot continue to heal further here. Our room is dark and gloomy and extremely small, also not conducive to feeling good. We are grumpy again, but determined to flee tomorrow, even if we have to sneak out (except we need our prescriptions). Look for more cheerful news tomorrow!




  1. Kim cook

    Sounds like you are due to be discharged…maybe a little flash of the blog you are writing would motivate the nurses and hospital to get on it ;). Just an idea haha! Seriously, we are thinking of you all the time. Way to go on the walking progress! You rock!!

  2. Charlotte

    Could it be the Sunday staffing filling in for the weekend or for regulars on vacation? What a bummer! We are hoping things are better tomorrow and discharge is recommended. Terry’s Dad once said hospitals are terrible places to be when you are really sick or need to recover from surgery since rest is impossible. Cheers for a better tomorrow!

  3. Penny Saffer

    Hang in there y’all! I know you can get them to behave! XXX

  4. Lee Lee

    I know how frustrating the hospital staff can be. I bet you feel like you are walking in circles. Hoping today is a better day and you can be discharged asap!! oxoxoxo

  5. Sharon West

    Hang in there, rockstar! The fact that you’re cranky is a good sign, in my opinion. With that kind of service, you should feel cranky, and having the ability to feel feisty probably means you’re getting stronger. Soon you’ll be able to go all World Wrestling Federation on those jokers! Hopefully you get released before then though. I’m cheering for you!

  6. Rose

    Thinking of you, Summer! You’re almost out of there. Sending good vibes.

  7. Maggie

    Love you Summer! Hope each day gets better and these medical people start falling in line.

  8. Ellen

    Call the nurses’ station and ask what time you need to check out so you aren’t charged additional fees. That question seems to inspire medical staff to let you go home and recover in peace. And probably laugh behind your back. Hang in there. Fingers and toes crossed that you make it out of there at some point tomorrow.

  9. Laura

    Hopefully this part will feel like the distant past in the very near future.

  10. Sarah Goodyear

    You are going to get out of there, Summer. I agree that your crankiness is probably a good sign. Means you’re ready to start kicking butt somewhere else.

  11. Rory Kotin

    Summer — I totally agree with Kim — show them this post and see what happens! Maybe seeing your growing frustration will motivate them to give you the answers you are desperately seeking. I feel your pain — well, not exactly.
    My love to you and mom,

  12. Cheri Campbell

    Chiming in late, sorry. I wonder if this lack of coordination is part & parcel of the fact that July is when new interns & residents are rotated into the hospital. Sorry you had to go through that, but like someone else said, Summer, you’re the woman to whip them into shape. For me (complicated orthopedic procedures), it wa my take-no-prisoners 20-year-of-being-a-state-hospital-psych nurse mom. I got used to seeing nurses rolling their eyes when she would ask a pertinent question about my care 🙂

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