My first moment outside the hospital walls with my new chest art.

Apologies for taking to long to post a new update, but the transition out of the hospital took a lot out of me. I was officially discharged at 5pm yesterday (Monday, July 23rd). By 6pm I was trying to find my comfort zone in the apartment. The first night was a bit rough with pain waking me up every two hours. Unfortunately I have been told this is par for the course. C’est la via.

I have updated a few of the earlier posts from the hospital with pictures and I will post a more complete version of my hospital stay sometime tomorrow. For now I am going to take another percoset and head off to la-la land. 😉




  1. Lee Lee

    Yippee! You’re out of the hospital!! So great! oxoxo Lee Lee

  2. Rose

    Congrats on getting out of the hospital! So sorry to hear that you’re having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable. It will get better. Hugs from Queens.

  3. Jason

    Yeah – getting home is a huge step to a full recovery! Well Done!

  4. Rory Kotin

    Very happy to see that you are out of the hospital and into a place that is filled with loving thoughts. See you and Adrienne very soon!

  5. So glad to hear you are free! We miss you much here at the department!

  6. Angela

    Glad you made it home!!!

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