Change of Heart


A lot has changed since my last blog post in January, some for the better, but some not so much. I’m finally in a place where I feel like I can write about it to let you all know what I’ve been going through.


There are multiple parts to the story though. For the sake of clarity for you the reader and sanity for me the writer, I’m going to break it down into three pieces:

Part 1: Bionic Heartbeat
Part 2: Trauma Drama
Part 3: Biofeedback

It’s my hope that these will help explain why many of you may have noticed a drop off in communication from me along with the occasional cryptic tweet and/or Facebook post that alluded to my growing frustration with my heart. Apologies if those alarmed any of you, that wasn’t my intention, I just saw them as an easy outlet when I felt like crying/screaming. It was my way of shouting into the void.

While the void always listens, it never talks back, and therein lies the fault. So now I’m going to shout into the internet and see what it has to say. What could go wrong, right?

I’ll post Part 1 later today or tomorrow and hopefully Parts 2 and 3 within the next week or so. Thanks for still being out there, for listening, and for hopefully talking back.




  1. ellen.f.hunt

    Sweet Pea,

    Is that wonderful photo YOU?


  2. Ruth Sternglantz

    The void (or at least me) will talk back.

  3. Lu

    Big hugs coming your way. X

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